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With “A LOTTA” Help From Our Friends

November 28, 2022

If there is one thing we’ve learned from the countless meal-packing events and FOODBOX deliveries we’ve facilitated over the years is that no one can go it alone. And that goes double for us! Sure, as a small, nimble team, we wear many hats. But we could NEVER achieve success and help keep food on our neighbors’ tables without a vast support system.

Our Meals From The Heart support network includes many individuals and organizations that help keep the ball rolling. This long list consists of the food providers (who we constantly wrestle with to get the absolute best prices), our cherished volunteers, and of course, the businesses and community groups who host our events.

However, one of the true unsung heroes of our success is the meal distribution partners. We often work with local groups and volunteers to get the meals we pack to the food shelves as soon as our events are over. The quicker we can get the meals on the shelves, the sooner families can get them on their kitchen tables.

One of the groups that consistently help us efficiently get meals to the folks who need them is Ruby’s Pantry. Ruby’s extends our reach to 84 pop-up pantry sites throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. The pop-up pantries get the food directly to families in the communities where it is needed most.

In this photo, Ruby’s Pantry driver Wade and Meals From The Heart president, director, chief bottle washer, AND forklift driver Tom load 7 TONS of meals (over 100,000 servings) to be distributed through Ruby’s Pantry network.