Meals From The Heart

When Businesses Make It Their Business To Help Neighbors, Everybody Wins!

Businesses know the importance of getting involved in the community where employees, vendors, and customers live. It builds relationships, boosts visibility and promotes their brand. Plus, community-engaged businesses often get the added benefits of a happier workforce and a more loyal customer base.

That’s a business no-brainer.

However, businesses also know that pulling off a successful community-service event can be daunting. Identifying the organization to support, managing the staff, scheduling the time, and arranging transportation are all potentially time-consuming hurdles.

Meals From The Heart takes the work out of community service for business.

Meals From The Heart is a non-profit organization that helps companies help their neighbors through energized and fun meal-packing events designed specifically for businesses – providing flavorful, fortified meals to local food shelves.

Keep it local and make it easy!

While many businesses have participated in very worthwhile meal-packing events for global relief organizations, there is also a very real need right here at home that is often overlooked. According to a May 5, 2018, StarTribune news article, Minnesotans visited food shelves a record 3.4 million times in 2017! That’s an 11 percent jump over the previous five years. Visits by seniors saw the steepest increases, jumping nearly 40 percent in that period.

These aren’t typical meal-packing events. They’re designed specifically for employee groups. Called “throwdowns”, they’re fast-paced, competitive, and fun! Participants are grouped into teams, the music is cranked up, and the teams are timed to compete for most meals packed.

  • Events are turn-key and customizable to fit just about any company.
  • It’s an affordable way to create a priceless experience.
  • Events can be hosted just about anywhere – from lobbies to warehouses.
  • All you have to do is assemble your teams and be ready to have some fun! From set up to clean up, Meals From The Heart takes care of it all!
  • Each team’s time commitment is just an hour. (We like to have at least 8 teams packing at multiple stations).
  • Meals are delivered to local food shelves or through a region-wide food shelf network.
  • Each session ends with a team photo so teams can share their pride!

Make your company’s next community service event one to remember. Contact Meals From The Heart to learn more and get on the calendar!

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Meals From The Heart