Meals From The Heart

We Increased Our Staff By 50%. Welcome To Nichole Mulvehill!

We’re excited to welcome Nichole Mulvehill as the newest staff member of Meals From The Heart. Nichole previously worked for the MN Department of Corrections for 15 years as a correctional officer, transitions coordinator, and, most recently, a corrections security case manager. She also led the restorative justice programs at MN Correctional Facilities in Stillwater and Oak Park Heights.

And that’s how we met. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. Nichole was instrumental in starting and implementing our Meals From The Heart events called Serving Beyond the Bars. These events allowed prisoners the opportunity to give back to those communities that were harmed by their actions. Nichole assisted Meals From The Heart in packaging their very first meals with 25 minimum security offenders.

Nichole brings a wealth of organizational experience as well as an abundance of enthusiasm. She’s excited to work to help businesses and organizations help their neighbors in need. Are you thinking of hosting a meal-packing event? Drop Nichole a line.

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Meals From The Heart