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Top Ten Reasons To Host A Meals From The Heart Meal Packing Event At Your Organization.

August 7, 2017

Okay, if you need a reason to boost morale, help your local community, AND have a lot of fun, we’ll give you ten of them! Here are ten awesome reasons to host a Meals From The Heart meal-packing event at your company or organization.

10. Support local families
We work with local food shelves to get the meals to the people that need them right in your local community.

9. Team building
Our Corporate Throwdown meal-packing events are designed specifically for employee groups. They’re fast-paced, competitive, and fun – ideal for team building, boosting morale, and strengthening relationships.

8. They’re easy
We make it easy to make a difference. You provide the space and funding and we take care of everything else. We provide all ingredients, packets, boxes, equipment and coaches to make sure it runs without a hitch.

7. The food tastes good
Yes, nutrition is critical, but so is flavor. Our meals are developed by a consulting chef to deliver all the essential nutritional requirements in recipes that actually taste good!

6. They’re scalable
Meals From The Heart can customize meal-packing events to fit nearly any style of organization. We’ve facilitated events of all sizes – from 80 to over 3,000 employees.

5. We’re experienced
We’ve packed over 10,000,000 meals (and counting). From New York to Los Angeles and Minneapolis to Tempe, we’ve helped organizations make a difference in their own communities.

4. Small time commitment
It doesn’t take a big time investment to make a big impact. A team of 20 can pack about 5,000 meals in less than an hour.*

3. Affordable
We work to provide the best ingredients available for the lowest cost possible. Cost is $750 per 20-person team*.

2. Make a REAL difference!
While showing your commitment to service, you’re also building relationships within your workforce and community. But most of all, you’re helping to feed your neighbors with healthful, fortified and delicious meals.

1. They’re fun!

*We prefer a minimum of eight teams.