Meals From The Heart

Together, We Can Make A Difference.

Dear colleagues, partners, and friends,

Like you, our hearts are broken by the horrible killing of our community member George Floyd. Just as heartbreaking is the knowledge that this is not a unique occurrence. Rather it is yet another manifestation of the systemic issues with which our nation is plagued.

One of our founding principles at Meals From The Heart is the mission of supporting our communities and helping them thrive. As neighborhoods rebuild and we work together to find a new way forward, Meals From The Heart is here to help through our meals, our values, and our unwavering support. We are especially holding our Black friends and neighbors in our hearts during this crisis, and we are committed to combating racism in our community.

We have a long way to go, but we are devoted to taking the necessary steps towards a better, more hopeful tomorrow. For everyone.

Together, we can make a difference.
Meals From The Heart

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Meals From The Heart