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The Pandemic Within The Pandemic – Food Insecurity For Seniors

July 11, 2020

This health pandemic is taking a devastating toll on our senior population. We all know that our seniors are the age group most at risk when exposed to the coronavirus. But, many seniors, especially those in poverty or on a fixed income, suffer the effects of the health crisis without ever being exposed to the disease.

According to a 2020 report using 2018 data, 5.3 million seniors in the United States were food insecure. Those people are even more vulnerable during the pandemic.

While the world is distancing and taking measures to avoid spreading the virus, many seniors are isolated from the support and services, including healthy food and adequate nutrition, that they rely on regularly. Often, seniors, especially those on fixed incomes, have limited options for access to services and transportation. And during this pandemic, access is limited even more. And the inability to obtain proper food and nutrition compounds the effects of other health conditions common to this age group like diabetes and heart disease.

Everyone is suffering during this health crisis, but the pandemic has really brought to light the risk and vulnerability of our older neighbors. Please take a minute and check on your older neighbors, especially during these difficult times. Help them with a ride to their local food shelf or deliver some groceries to help keep their cupboards stocked.

At Meals From The Heart, we continue to help stock local food shelves as much as possible through limited meal-packing events. We’re also working through the details to launch our new FOOD BOX program to broaden our ability to help our neighbors. We thank everyone who helps us help our neighbors. We will get through this together.