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Thanks To Tennant Company For Stepping Up To Fight Hunger In The Twin Cities.

August 26, 2020

Yes, this lingering health crisis is significantly limiting our ability to pack meals with local groups and businesses. Unfortunately, one thing we have an abundance of is need. Local food shelves and vulnerable families in our communities struggle to keep healthy food on their shelves, especially during the pandemic. However, another thing that IS NOT in short supply is our community’s generosity – especially our local business community.

One such local business is Tennant Company. Always ready to help their neighbors, Tennant Company recently stepped up with a generous donation of a commercial wide-area vacuum for our warehouse and packing areas at Meals From The Heart. This will allow us to more effectively and efficiently keep these spaces clean and safe. Special thanks to Kyle Schimdt, Commercial Manager at Tennant Company, who spearheaded this initiative. It’s companies like this that keep hope flowing!