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Tactile Medical turns busy hands, big hearts, and lots of smiles into an employee engagement event like no other.

May 24, 2017

Tactile Medical, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, knows that you don’t have to be a huge corporation to make a big impact on your community.

Helping people is just how they do business. As a company, Tactile Medical develops advanced home therapy devices to improve health and quality of life for patients. But that’s the business side of things. For fun, they host competitive meal-packing events with Meals From The Heart at their facility in Minneapolis. The event helps feed families right in their own community.

The entire Tactile Medical staff gets in on the action. And when we say action, that’s what we mean. These aren’t typical meal-packing events. They’re fast-paced, competitive, and fun – ideal for team building, boosting morale, and strengthening relationships. Tactile Medical employees were grouped into teams and timed to compete for most meals packed. Meals From The Heart calls these “corporate throwdown” events. They’re designed specifically for team building within organizations.

Nothing like a little friendly meal-packing competition to bring people together and engage employees. The Tactile Medical team packed nearly 30,000 meals that were distributed to local food shelves.

Working, playing, and serving together at a Meals From The Heart corporate meal-packing event will do wonders for employee morale – regardless of your company’s size – not to mention the side benefit of making a real impact on families in your community.

Interested in learning more about our corporate meal-packing events? Drop us a line and we’ll show you how we make it easy to make a difference.