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Slightly smaller teams and a little distance add up to a TON OF FUN!

We are so happy to be packing meals again. And by the results of our Stillwater Meal-Packing Challenge earlier this fall, so are the fantastic meal-packing teams that made it happen.

Here at Meals From The Heart, we’ve worked hard during this “new normal” to develop plans and methods to make packing meals safe AND fun! For instance, we reduced the number of packing stations and added plenty to distance between them. And we made the teams slightly smaller and increased the time between sessions for cleaning and sanitizing. You can check out our list of safety protocols on our website.

The need for healthy meals during this health crisis is off the charts, and we’re glad to be again helping ease the burden on local food shelves.

At our Meal-Packing Challenge held late September at the National Guard Armory in Stillwater, eight teams packed over 15,000 meals! That will bring a lot of relief to local families. And while hunger is a serious issue, we couldn’t have had more fun. Even behind masks, the smiles of our volunteers and meal packers were easy to see. The event went so well; we are already planning another one for spring.

In light of this event’s success, we already have several teams signed up for a similar style meal-packing event in Oakdale at the Oakdale discover Center on Thursday, October 22.

If you’re interested in organizing or hosting a meal-packing event, please give us a call. The need for healthy meals has never been greater. With our new processes, we can pack safely, have a great time, AND help our neighbors – all at the same time.

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