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Skipping Meals Should Not Be The “New Normal.”

While this pandemic continues its dreadful grasp, the hope of us getting back to our “normal” lives any time soon is almost unimaginable. As the effects of the pandemic linger into the summer months, for many of us our “new normal” means rethinking vacation plans, eating out less, working from home, and missing out on summer concerts and festivals.

But for many, many Minnesotans, their “new normal” is skipping meals.

If you watch the news or read newspapers, this probably isn’t news to you. The hunger crisis in Minnesota is expected to worsen this summer and fall, as the number of residents in need of food help surges to levels not seen since the Great Depression.

Please take a few minutes and check out these recent stories. Then consider a donation to Meals From The Heart to help keep our local food shelves stocked.

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