Meals From The Heart

Over 3 Million Meals With Medtronic

If competitive meal-packing was an Olympic sport, you could safely assume that the folks at Medtronic would all earn the gold! In fact, you could also safely say that they essentially invented competitive meal packing – with help from Meals From The Heart, of course.

When Meals From The Heart first approached Medtronic to help serve their neighbors by packing food for local food shelves, they were intrigued. But they were sold when they learned that they could create an easy-to-execute, energetic, fulfilling, AND competitive team-building event that also served the community.

That was 2014. Now over eight years later, Medtronic has hosted Meals From The Heart “Throwdown” meal-packing events from California and Colorado to Florida and Massachusetts, not to mention the Netherlands.

The pandemic may have put a hold on meal packing for a while, but now Medtronic is back and more committed than ever. In fact, they’ll likely double their packing totals in half the time! Now THAT’S how you make a positive impact in the community.

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Meals From The Heart