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Our Meals Are More Than Meets The Fork!

July 16, 2019

From the start, Meals From The Heart took a fresh approach to the conventional meal-packing events that have become popular service opportunities for organizations. Experience a Meal From The Heart packing event, and you’ll begin to understand the difference. There’s a unique current of excitement and energy that flows from the music to the smiles to the busy hands. Yes, there are the familiar packing stations surrounded by volunteers that combine various ingredients into pouches. But those ingredients are at the heart of what makes Meals From The Heart different than most of the other meal-packing organizations.

The focus of Meals From The Heart is hungry families right here in the United States. Nearly all of the millions of meals packed annually go directly to local food shelves in the towns where the events are held. One in seven Americans relies on food shelves. Meals From The Heart meals were developed specifically for those people.

We believed from the start that the meals had to go beyond a tasteless bag of rice or pasta that simply met basic nutrition guidelines into flavorful enhancements a family can really enjoy eating.

Enter Chef Peggy.

Peggy Waldon is a local chef that has been developing recipes for many area restaurants for over twenty-five years. We’re not name dropping, but if you’ve eaten in a restaurant in the Twin Cities, you’ve probably enjoyed one of Peggy’s creations. For Meals From The Heart, Chef Peggy developed meals that deliver all the essential nutritional requirements in recipes that taste good!

To further our commitment to flavor, Meals From The Heart and Chef Peggy created recipes that combine our core meals with other easy-to-find ingredients to create a variety of unique and delicious dishes like a Tex Mex Rice Casserole, Chimichurri Beef, and Rice Skillet, or a One Pot Creamy Garlic Chicken and Rice. Check out these recipes and a few others.