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Our Meals Are Different Because Our Focus Is Different.

September 20, 2019

Hunger is a serious issue throughout the world; however, many people don’t realize that hunger impacts thousands of families right here in the United States. For instance, nearly 1 in 10 households in Minnesota struggle with food insecurity. If all Minnesotans struggling with food insecurity lived in one place, they’d virtually replace the populations of the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul combined!

The meals packed at our events are created specifically to be served in households here in America. Yes, they are fortified to provide optimum nutrition. But importantly, we take into account the presentation and flavor profiles that appeal to American families.

Typical meal-packing events are designed to provide food to areas of the world suffering from severe malnutrition and starvation. While that is an extremely worthy cause, the focus of Meals From The Heart is hunger in America. In almost all cases, that type of “starvation-pack” meal doesn’t fit the needs here in the U.S.

So we went to work to develop meals that would be right for our specific audiences – American moms, dads, children, and seniors. And we succeeded in creating meals that did more than went beyond simply meeting fundamental nutritional needs into flavorful enhancements a family can truly enjoy eating.

Our meals are developed by a consulting chef, Peg Waldon, to deliver the essential nutritional requirements in recipes that taste good! We currently offer four meal options – Veggies and Rice, Alfredo Primavera, PizzaMac, and Fiesta Rice. And we’re always looking for flavorful ways to enhance our meal line up. As a main dish or a nutritious side dish, our meals are tasty and versatile. Chef Peg even created some fantastic recipes incorporating our Veggies and Rice as the core ingredient. Check them out at

Even our packaging better reflects a typical American commercial product. With colorful graphics, the bag is designed to stand up on a shelf to assist distributors in stocking and to make it easier for families to shop.

Partly because of the need and partly because of the quality of the meals, we’ve had food shelf managers call us frequently to restock. We’ve even had individuals contact us directly for additional meal packages!

Here’s a recent note from a Minnesota family:
“I just want you to know how much we love your Veggies and Rice. We make it at least two nights a week. Since there are just three of us (myself, my daughter and my 6-year-old granddaughter), we get two meals from one package. Sometimes we add a bouillon cube or a can of peas or some frozen mixed vegetables or a bit of cooked chicken to change it up a bit. But it is perfect all on its own! Our compliments to the work you do and to the chef who created this delicious and nutritious rice mixture. We love it!”
– Pam, Guinevere, and Kylie