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The popularity of our meals is found in our respectful approach to the meal recipients and our broad vision of community, which separates Meals From the Heart food from other providers’ products.

Respectful Food For Families In Your Community

To better serve moms, dads, and children, we believed from the start that our meals had to be transformed beyond a tasteless bag of rice or pasta that simply met basic nutrition guidelines into flavorful enhancements a family can enjoy eating. Our meals are developed by a consulting chef to deliver all the essential nutritional requirements in recipes that actually taste good! We don’t think that a meal for a hungry person needs to be bland.

The meal packaging also better reflects a typical commercial product to communicate our respect for the end consumer; the bag design stands up on a shelf to assist our distributors and makes selecting the package easier for families.

As a main dish, or a nutritious side dish, our meals are flavorful and versatile. In fact, our Executive Chef Peg created some wonderful ways to enhance our meals. Read more about it here and check out some of the recipes created with our Veggies and Rice.

Check Out Some Delicious Recipes

Veggies and Rice

Our Veggies and Rice is appropriate for both domestic and international distribution whereas the others are designed for the U.S. domestic palate and nutritional needs.

Nutritional Information


Rice Dinner – Nutritional Facts


Alfredo Primavera

Our newest creation, Alfredo Primavera, takes meal-packing meals to the next level. Yes, it contains all of the nutritional ingredients required for a healthy diet, but it also delivers a huge helping of deliciousness!

Nutritional Information


Alfredo Primavera – Nutritional Facts


Pizza Mac

Pizza Mac is a macaroni and cheese dinner with a “pizza kick.” The cheese is a three-cheese blend and the sausage flavor comes from textured soy, which means all our meals are vegetarian.

Nutritional Information


Pizza Mac – Nutritional Facts



Fiesta Rice

The taste of Fiesta Rice will remind you of tacos and has a beef flavored textured soy. Our domestic products were created with the help of an accredited chef. They taste really good!

Nutritional Information


Fiesta Rice – Nutritional Information



What’s Cookin’?

We’re always working with our chef to develop new flavors and recipes. Have an idea for a delicious new taste?

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