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Party Pack

Party Pack

Birthdays. Office parties. Reunions. Church groups. Youth groups. Get-togethers of any kind. We pack a lot of good into an hour. And we have everything you need for a good time right here at our location.

You provide the occasion, and we’ll make it a party! Have a really good time doing real good. Grab a group of family members, friends, neighbors, or coworkers and have a good time while you do good. We’re all set up to create a fun and meaningful meal-packing experience right at our location for parties of 6 to 30. On average, each person will pack about 200 meals. Do that math. That adds up to a real impact for local families in need.

We supply the ingredients, equipment, and tunes to turn your next get-together into a truly meaningful party!

  • Groups of 6 to 30 people
  • Donation of approximately $35 per person (Depending on the group size)
  • Total time commitment is about an hour
  • Meals are delivered to local food shelves
  • We do all the setup AND clean up

Make it a party! Learn more about getting a group together for a Party Pack at our place. Call 651-829-3232 or provide us with a few details and we’ll reach out to you to get the ball rolling and discuss available dates.

Party Pack Examples

Each session is about an hour and includes 45 minutes of meal-packing time. Each packer will pack approximately 200 meals on average in that time.

Office Party Pack
Up to 30 people
Donation: $1,000
(Approx $35 per person)

Neighborhood Party Pack
Up to 15 people
Donation: $500
(Approx $35 per person)

Family Party Pack
Up to 8 people
Donation: $250
(Approx $35 per person)


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