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B2B Challenge is an easy way for local businesses to work together to help neighbors.

While larger businesses and organizations find it easy to match our meal-packing events with their service and team-building goals, some smaller businesses don’t have space, resources, or people to host a full-scale event.

So, as any good business would, we turned that challenge into an opportunity to create an event designed for smaller local companies. We call it the Business-To-Business Challenge or B2B Challenge – a fun and easy way to get your employees and partners together with other area businesses from your community to collectively help your neighbors in need.

Teams from area businesses and organizations participate side by side in one-hour sessions to pack meals. The packing sessions are timed, and the teams compete for most meals packed!

While increasing awareness of your organizations’ commitment to fighting hunger, you’ll also build relationships within your workforce and the local business community. But most important of all, you’ll help to feed your neighbors in need with healthful, fortified, and delicious meals – and have a ton of fun while doing it!

Organize a B2B Challenge

Learn how you can work with other small businesses in your community to help neighbors in need. Drop us a line or call 651-829-3232 to learn more.