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What Happens After A Meal Packing Event With Meals From The Heart

June 30, 2016

There are a lot of great things that go on during a meal-packing event with Meals From The Heart, and there are plenty of great things that go on after, too. During the excitement of a meal-packing event, the prospect of thousands of meals being delivered to local food shelves is a great feeling to have. But after an event, people are changed in so many great ways.

Volunteers receive something more than they expected

During a meal-packing event with Meals From The Heart, volunteers are placed in groups to pack meals together. They have to communicate with each other, work together, and become a cohesive team to ensure that the meals are being put together efficiently.

After the event is over, there’s something different with the volunteers – they’re changed in a way that affects the rest of their lives. This change is the result from working together towards a common goal for good, putting aside any differences, and wanting to help others for the sake of helping. This feeling is something that can’t be bought, faked, or forced – it can only happen from the goodness in people’s hearts by volunteering.

Food shelves receive quality food

The meals packed by volunteers are not your normal food packs. Our food is designed to be great tasting, nutritional, and well-packaged. Anyone who’s tasted our meals say they should be sold at a grocery store – they taste THAT good! Not only do they taste good, but they’re nutritional as well – more than enough for a day’s’ worth of nutrients, for a family of six. The package is sealed tight – ensuring freshness, and it also looks nice, too.

A community is brought together

A community is defined as, “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals”. This is very true and present at our meal-packing events. People come together to pack meals for those that are in need – these people have the same values, attitudes, etc. towards doing good for others.

In essence, the meal-packing event is all about the people being helped by the food that’s donated. There are other great things that come from our events, but this is the fundamental base on which this organization is founded. Through the help of gracious volunteers and the giving organizations that sponsor an event, this could not be done without all of you – Thank you!

Help us diminish food insecurity in the USA by sponsoring a meal-packing event with Meals From The Heart.

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