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Meals From The Heart Teams Up With Beyond The Yellow Ribbon And Building Healthy Military Communities To Provide 1,000 Holiday Food Boxes To Military Families Throughout Minnesota.

November 11, 2021

This holiday season Meals From The Heart is working with two great military organizations to help ensure that military and their families can enjoy traditional holiday meals at home. With a slight modification to the Meals From The Heart FOOD BOX program, volunteers are filling over 1,100 grocery bags loaded with traditional holiday and seasonal food items to distribute to military families for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

As prices increase at the grocery stores, many families, including our military families, have a difficult time stretching their food budget to last until their next paycheck. A report presented by the Senate Appropriations Committee last month reveals that one in eight military families were food insecure prior to the pandemic and this number has now grown to one in five.

Service members often experience unique challenges that make them more likely to face hunger, including limited income, cost-of-living, deployment, and other financial commitments and obligations unique to military life. For instance, the near-constant deployments of National Guard and reserve personnel to respond to the pandemic, civil unrest, and natural disasters has exacerbated the problem of food insecurity.

The USDA defines food insecurity as the lack of access, at times, to enough food for all household members. Food-insecure households are not necessarily food insecure all the time and may reflect a household’s need to make trade-offs between essential basic needs, such as housing or medical bills, and purchasing nutritionally adequate foods.

The Meals From The Heart FOOD BOX program helps families struggling with food insecurity stretch their food budget by offering pre-packed food boxes filled with a selection of familiar and quality grocery items at substantial savings. Each food box contains various quality shelf-stable food items to create several healthy and flavorful meals and even include cooking tips, and recipes.

“Our FOOD BOX program has been very successful in helping families throughout the Twin Cities stretch their grocery budget,” said Tom Thiets, President of Meals From The Heart. “And we’re excited to enhance the program especially for military families for the holidays to include seasonal offerings like mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.”

“We are so grateful to the men and women who serve our country, and we are honored to work together with the Beyond The Yellow Ribbon and Building Healthy Military Communities organizations to help military families enjoy all of the flavors of the season,” continued Thiets.

About Beyond The Yellow Ribbon
Minnesota’s Beyond the Yellow Ribbon recognition program, facilitated by the Minnesota National Guard, synchronizes community, county, and company resources to support service members, veterans, and military families. Yellow Ribbon Companies connect internal organizational areas to recruit, hire and retain currently serving and veteran employees, develop support policies and resources for military-connected employees, and partner with Community Yellow Ribbon Networks to coordinate efforts within the local community.

About Building Healthy Military Families (BHMC)
Building Healthy Military Communities (BHMC) is a program designed to improve mission readiness, health, and well-being of geographically dispersed military service members and their families through increased awareness and access to military and community resources.