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Meet Our Super Stampers

May 28, 2023

A lot goes into making our Meals From The Heart meal-packing events successful. For instance, before the first scoop of rice ever hits the pouch, every pouch is individually labeled with a date stamp. This necessary and critical step in the process helps food shelves manage inventory and ensures that families get only the freshest meals possible. And we count on a fantastic team of dedicated volunteer stampers who put in the hours to prepare the pouches for packing.

We’re always looking for stampers to help with this vital job. Join our Super Stamper team, or start one of your own! Contact Tom to learn more.

Meet our super stampers!

(Left to right around the table):

  • Kris Torma
  • Onallee Serier
  • Gerrie Granquist
  • Joanne Brown
  • Phyllis Paulson
  • Betty Wasmundt
  • Darlene Parent
  • Gayle Lobitz

(Camera shy stampers):

  • Lois Walton
  • Ruth Hedlof
  • Pat Reinke