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A Story About The Power Of Making A Difference.

June 7, 2021

Little did I know that serving others could bring so much fulfillment as I have had in helping to pack and deliver Food Boxes to families working hard to stretch their food budgets.

You know you are doing something worthwhile when you are met anxiously at the front door of a senior living facility by one of its residents “who saw us pull into the parking lot and came down to open the door as the caretaker was encumbered by a bad leg” and then chatted us up about how thankful she was for the food and even more so to have it delivered. We had similar reactions from each of the residents we delivered to that day.

The feeling is almost without words when meeting a hurried mother at the front door of her home who was receiving a Food Box that was sponsored by a neighbor come to tears of appreciation and relief for the timely arrival of food. It made us take stock of all we have been blessed with and the positive impact of even small acts of kindness can have on a family. There were tears behind my glasses as well.

The simple act of delivering food boxes brings volunteers in direct contact with the families to who the food is intended to help. It puts a face on all the front-end planning, fundraising, logistics, and effort that goes into each Food Box that gets packed.

If there was ever a doubt about the need and whether your efforts are making a difference just take the time to close the loop by delivering those Food Boxes you may have helped to pack. There will be no doubt you are making a positive impact as I have been so fortunate to learn.

Lou Cristan