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It REALLY is that easy.

November 19, 2022

Yes, we know that people often get a little overwhelmed by the prospect of hosting a Meals From The Heart meal-packing event. But without exception, they’re always a little surprised (sometimes ALOT surprised) at how seamless, easy, and FUN we make our meal-packing events. The truth is when we say, “We make it easy to make a difference,” we mean it!

It really is that easy.

Naturally, we can only do it with our fantastic hosting partners who provide the packers and the funding to cover the cost of the ingredients. But we truly do EVERYTHING else. From the 50-pound bags of rice to the packing tape – we bring it all. We even bring the tables AND the music! But, of course, the most important thing we bring to each event is the incredible team of dedicated and energized volunteers who keep the event rolling from set-up to keeping the ingredients flowing to clean-up.

All your group has to do is show up and have fun!

In a few short hours, the Meals From The Heart team turned this space at Land’ O Lakes into a meal-packin’ playing field ready for teams to compete in one of our Meal-Packing ThrowdownTM events. And when the event was over, the room looked exactly the way we found it. Okay, maybe it was a little cleaner when we were done.

And we do it for events of all types and sizes, from small community events held at our location to large corporate events at their headquarters. So, if you’re interested in putting together an easy-to-execute meal-packing event for your group, give us a call, sit back and enjoy the ride!