Meals From The Heart

How It Works

How It Works

From the day you say yes to hosting a Meals From the Heart meal packing event until the last meal is packed and delivered to local food shelves, we’re there to help with all of the details. You supply the participants and a space to work and we take care of just about everything else. From food to tools to packaging, we bring it all. We can even bring the tables.

Events Are Scalable And Flexible.

We will always work with you to fit the event to your organization’s needs. Participant teams of 20 people are set up in U-shaped packing stations. Each team member is responsible for a different step in the packing process. At the end of the event, the meals are distributed by Meals From The Heart partners to local food shelves.

Pick A Date

Choose a day or set of days that will get the most people involved.

Set A Goal

How many meals will you pack? Typically, each team can pack about 4,000 meals in an hour. Each package contains six to eight meals depending on the flavor. We can be flexible, but we prefer a minimum of eight teams or about 100 people total.

Choose A Location

Choose a location with a little elbow room. You’ll need enough space to set up the packing stations with access for delivering meal ingredients and supplies. School gyms work great!

Recruit Workers

Recruit participants based on your meal-packing goal. Remember, a typical minimum is about 100 people. We can provide flyer and poster templates to help.

Raise Money

We work with our suppliers to provide the best ingredients available for the lowest cost possible. Each meal costs 25¢ to pack. Again, raise the funds based on your meal-packing goal.

Show Up and Have Fun!

How It Works - video

To learn more about our community meal-packing events call 651-829-3232 or to begin organizing an event of your own, click here.

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