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Helping Neighbors Is A Family Affair!

August 22, 2023

Meet Leo DeCorsey and his grandsons Jackson and Nicholas. After retiring in 2020 from Andersen Windows & Doors, Leo started volunteering at Meals From The Heart in 2021. Inspired by his grandfather, Nicholas decided to collect money for hungry kids and gave it to Leo to donate to Meals From The Heart. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to develop the next generation of volunteers, Tom invited Nicholas and his brother to see the whole operation firsthand. They were outfitted in the appropriate volunteer leader attire and joined their grandfather in packing food boxes for needy families.

The boys had a blast! As they were leaving, Nicholas asked when he should come back. Both boys helped out at another meal-packing event a month later. They love volunteering at Meals From The Heart to help hungry families put healthy food on their tables. Leo is more than just a stellar volunteer. He’s also a proud grandpa and an excellent role model for Jackson and Nicholas.

By the way, Nicholas has started collecting more coins.