Meals From The Heart

Happy Campers From Hidden Pines Camp

Wow! These campers were ALL energy! This was our fifth visit to Hidden Pines Ranch in Stillwater, MN, and we were welcomed with tons of enthusiasm and massive smiles. And boy, were they ready for action! In just two days of packing, these energetic campers packed over 30,000 meals for neighborhood food shelves in Minnesota. One thing we can say for sure is helping your neighbors is a camp skill these kids have surely mastered!

Hidden Pines Ranch is a summer day camp in Stillwater, MN, that offers campers from Kindergarten through the tenth-grade experiences that expand their view of the world. Campers have the opportunity to ride horses, canoe, camp, shoot archery, make arts and crafts, play sports, create music AND help their neighbors by participating in team-building meal-packing events.

The Hidden Pines Ranch mission is to “build great kids by teaching skills for life.” From what we experienced, these kids have already learned one of life’s most essential skills – working together to make the world a better place!

Thanks to the counselors and campers at Hidden Pines Ranch. We look forward to packing with you again soon!


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Meals From The Heart