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Our FOOD BOX Program Is Ready To Hit The Streets!

The Meals From The Heart warehouse is stocked to the ceiling and the boxes are getting filled for our neighbors in Minneapolis. Thanks to the great crew of helpers who shared their time, smiles, and packing prowess. Shown in the picture are Scot Ide, Todd Mulvehill, Chris Ide, and Brian Mulvehill. We REALLY appreciate their hard work and especially their ability and willingness to haul heavy boxes!

Hunger Crisis In State Worsens – From StarTribune

StarTribune, September 6, 2020 by Kelly Smith and Kavita Kumar

More are needing help, especially after the extra unemployment aid ended.

They arrived in cars and on bikes, streaming into a Richfield church lot to grab containers of beef macaroni hot dish.

Outside a St. Paul community center, motorists lined up for boxes of watermelon and other groceries.

In Duluth, a food shelf doled out milk and produce to 100 cars last week, more than any other time during the pandemic.

Thanks To Tennant Company For Stepping Up To Fight Hunger In The Twin Cities.

Yes, this lingering health crisis is significantly limiting our ability to pack meals with local groups and businesses. Unfortunately, one thing we have an abundance of is need. Local food shelves and vulnerable families in our communities struggle to keep healthy food on their shelves, especially during the pandemic. However, another thing that IS NOT in short supply is our community’s generosity – especially our local business community.

The Truth Hurts. It Also Helps.

Times are tough. There’s simply no way around that truth.

A silent killer forces distance to our lives when what we crave most is closeness. Voices of inequality rise above our streets. Families try to adjust to a new normal that is anything but normal.

The truth is, people are scared.
The truth is, people are angry.
The truth is, people are hungry.
The truth is, we don’t know how long our lives will be like this.

Meals From The Heart