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The impact is seen on the smiles of our participants and on kitchen tables throughout the U.S.

Meals From The Heart = MOMENTUM!

Meals From The Heart has grown from a couple annual events managed from Tom’s kitchen table to an organization that is making a daily impact in the lives of families in need as well as those who serve.

As an organization, we have packed over 15 million meals since 2008. The first 13 events were packed with globally focused organizations.

As Meals from the Heart, we’ve packed over 10 million meals since our first event on Valentine’s Day, 2014.

We have packed over 3.2 million meals with our corporate host partner, Medtronic, in six states and 2 countries. We expect that number to be exceeding a million meals on an annual basis beginning in 2020.

We have packed over 3.2 million meals with LuHi, Long Island Lutheran in New York.

We have packed nearly 750,000 meals with offenders in MN State prisons in our Serving Beyond the Bars initiative.