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“Thank you guys for coming way out here! It was a great time and a pleasure to meet you all! So neat to see all our meals stay local and we are already getting thank yous for different places these meals are being used for.”

–Chantall, Old National Bank

“Wow, we had such a great weekend with your team. It was really a community booster for our church family coming out of COVID. Your team, including Ken, Lou, and driver Paul, were exceptional. So much fun and professional, and you connected so well with our congregation. Can’t express thank you in enough ways! We’ll do this again!”

–Pam & Laura, Northbrook Church

“I just wanted to say thank you for your Alfredo meal prep. I’m currently in a shelter with my two children, and this is so basic and so easy and yet so delicious for me to make for them and myself. You truly have no idea how helpful that your pre-packaged meal is for a single mom with two kids living in a shelter. I have to share a kitchen with other families, and it’s perfect because I don’t have to pull out all the spices and all the bowls and all the cutting boards and things like that; everything is right there, premeasured and premade. I just have to pop it in the pan and go. It makes living in a shelter a little bit easier, knowing that my kids are going to be fed properly, and my one-year-old devours it! So again, thank you.”

–Lisa D.

“Thank you for hosting North American Banking last week and for the 1488 pounds of Meals from the Heart. This is a very slow time of year for donations, and these meals were a welcome sight. Our food shelf is currently serving over 900 families each and every month with no relief in sight. We appreciate your partnership. Please keep us in mind for future groups or if you have additional meals you are willing to donate. We go through them very quickly.”

– Lisa, Ralph Reeder Food Shelf Program Manager

“Thanks for your continuous energy to serve those in need. Your dedication to help others is contagious and so needed in our communities. I sincerely appreciate your partnership and the relationship we have developed over the past 5 years! Definitely Global Reach and Local Impact! Thanks for helping Medtronic serve the 6th Tenet of our Mission by supporting our communities.”

– Keith, Medtronic

“OH MY GOODNESS!! I volunteer for a local food distributor and recently received the fortified Veggies & Rice. Oh my, that could be served in a restaurant.”

-Ruby’s Pantry Volunteer

“Just want you to know how much we love your Veggies and Rice. We make it at least 2 nights a week. Since there are just 3 of us (myself, my daughter and my 6-year-old granddaughter) we actually get two meals from one package. Sometimes we add a bouillon cube or a can of peas or some frozen mixed vegetables or a bit of cooked chicken just to change it up a bit. But it is perfect all on its own… Our compliments to the work you do and to the chef who created this delicious and nutritious rice mixture. We love it!”

– Pam, Guinevere, and Kylie

“Meals from the Heart volunteer meal packing was a wonderful event! It was a great team building activity for all of the employees that participated. The director of our local food shelf joined us to help pack and explained how much this impacts others. We were happy to help the local community and have a lot of fun at the same time!”

– Jessica H., 3M Plant Manager

“I am just writing to thank you and your organization for what you do to feed families in need. I lost my job a few months ago and things were pretty tight, so we contacted our local food pantry in Columbus, Ohio and they assisted us with groceries. Your food packs were among the items we received and they fed us well, they taste delicious by the way. Thanks again for what you do. May God bless you.”

– A Father

“I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that the meal packets that you all prepared and donated to us have been a huge hit in the food pantries. People absolutely love them. Our staff has already been asking about next year. Thanks to you and our friends at UALC for making this available to our neighbors in need.”

– LSS Director

“We are very thankful for your meals here in Northern Minnesota. If it wasn’t for these meals and the hard work that goes into packaging and distribution; I don’t know what I could have done to provide for my family this past year. I feel truly blessed living in Minnesota to have such great people who are trying to end hunger. Thank you for all of your hard work and care this is put into these meals that provide nutrition to the less fortunate/down on their luck. Thank you from my entire family.”

– A Mother

“I was fortunate to be one of the inmates who enjoyed the blessing of being able to participate int he meal packing event held at the MCF-Stillwater Facility. I walked away from that event with a profound and revitalized sense of purpose. It had been a long time since I had been able to feel that way, and I obviously wish to help in any way possible to share with others what the Holy Spirit has ignited within me.”

– An offender and participant in Serving Beyond The Bars

“The act of recognition of these men as having value from people from outside the prison has had a powerful effect on these guys. It gives them hope that maybe someday that they can be forgiven and accepted by society even though most will never re-enter a life beyond the bars. It has tremendous meaning in their lives.”

– The Father of an offender who participated in in Serving Beyond The Bars

Meals From The Heart