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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up for an event to pack meals?

Meals From The Heart creates custom events. We don’t have “open” meal-packing events where individuals can come to pack. However, we can accommodate groups as small as seven participants for “Party Pack” meal-packing events at our offices in Oak Park Heights. Contact us to learn more and arrange a time that works for your group.

Is there a charge for meal-packing events?

Yes. We work with our suppliers to provide the best ingredients for the lowest possible cost. Once you know the number of participants, we will work with you to determine the total cost of your event. Depending on the event, additional direct costs may be included for transportation, truck rental, etc. All expenses are identified upfront, so there are no surprises.

How many meals are packed at an event?

Obviously, this will vary greatly depending on the size of the event, but a team of 20 participants can pack about 4,000 meals in an hour.

Is there a minimum charge?

Yes. $650 for each group of 7-10 participants or $950 for each group of 15-20 participants. Ingredient costs can vary, so please contact us for current rates.

How are the teams set up?

We can accommodate groups of 7-10 or 15-20 participants. Teams of 7-10 people are set up in I-shaped packing stations and teams of 15-20 people are set up in U-shaped packing stations.

How many people can participate?

That’s up to you! With multiple packing stations, we can accommodate several teams in one day or over a series of days.

Do you have minimum group sizes?

Yes. While we are extremely flexible and can accommodate groups of nearly any size, we do have some restrictions. The minimum is seven people for “Party Pack” meal-packing events at our facility in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota. And the minimum for a hosted event at your location is 100 people.

Where do the packed meals go?

We take a lot of pride in helping neighbors in the communities where the meals are packed. Nearly all the meals go to local food shelves within a day or two, so the impact on the community is significant and immediate.

Will I be asked to donate more at the event?

No. While we are always open to taking donations, we do not make any additional asks before, after, or during our events. We like to keep the focus on fun and friendship.

Do you play music at your events?

Heck yes! And we encourage singing and dancing!

Are the meals packed nutritious?

Yes! And they taste good, too. A consulting chef develops our meals to deliver all the essential nutritional requirements in recipes that taste good!

What is a “Meal-Pack Throwdown?”

Many of our corporate events are “Meal-Pack Throwdowns,” where participants are grouped into teams, and the teams are timed to compete for the most meals packed. These are events designed specifically for employee groups that are fast-paced, competitive, and fun – ideal for team building, boosting morale and strengthening relationships. In fact, all types of groups love our “throwdown” style events.